A Pirate's Life for Me
{ »So here we are, fighting and trying to hide the scars« }
-Indie roleplay blog for Archie of Pokemon-
SIR. /SIR/. Your Archie is fabulous okay? :| You're a pleasure to see on my dash and I love the things you post. I HAVE BEEN SO EXCITED TO PLOT SOMETHING WITH YOU, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. Stay awesome, dude. It shouldn't be too hard for you to do, since you always are ;D

; how am I doing with my character? tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment

((How are you doing with your character? Fantastically!! -smooshes cheeks- ))

; how am I doing with my character? tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment

txifu said:
your archie is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. i've been following since THE DAWN OF TIME and i am forever going to stalk you from afar. your interactions with nerdlordmaxie tend to suffocate with feelings i didn't know existed in my soul, and i swear to god your archie is fantastic just because of how he isn't just!! some!! dumb!! pirate!! he is fleshed out--he is capable of emotion, of reactions other than just being standoffish, and is so much more than a villain. YOU ARE FANTASTIC

; how am I doing with my character? tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment


Virus holds up a sign: <<-☺ my muse trying to piss yours off ->> ((this might be a bit late but...I was tempted))

"Virus… What are ya tryna do? Can’t ya see Ah’m busy!?"

Ü your muse walks in on my muse naked ((SORRY LOL))

"Arceus on high Lily!! Are ya tryin’ to make some kind of improper proposal to me!?"

How did you get that?

Send “How did you get that?” for your muse noticing a fresh bruise under my muse’s eye.

"Ah’ was playin’ with my kids and one of ‘em accidentally hit me in the eye…. Nah! Ah’ got in a fight."

; how am I doing with my character? tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment.
Send “How did you get that?” for your muse noticing a fresh bruise under my muse’s eye.
☹ My muse is visiting your muse on their death bed
♫ A drabble about our muses inspired by the next song that comes on shuffle
☻ A drabble of our muses on their wedding day
☺ my muse trying to piss yours off
ت our muses running into each other after not seeing each other for several years
ヅ for a situation that got both our muses arrested
シ my muse walks in on your naked
Ü your muse walks in on my muse naked
ϡ a goodbye letter from my muse to yours
♥ your muse suprises my muse with a kiss
۵ my muse kisses yours to shut them up
ღ a forehead kiss from my muse
웃 my muse torturing yours for information
유 my muse trying to seduce information from your muse
♈ a holiday drabble featuring our muses
♉ our muses are together when they get ambushed
≑ my muse wakes up in your muse’s body
? my muse will ask your muse a question they always wanted to ask
+ my muse has died and your muse is included in their will
◈ my muse’s reaction to finding your muse beaten and bruised
♊ my muse will do something stupid to impress your muse
✃ your muse visiting mine in the psych ward
♋ my muse visiting yours in the psych ward
❅ my muse rescues yours
✪ my muse seeing the ghost of your muse
● my muse’s turn offs
○ my muse’s turn ons
△ our muse’s get in a playful wrestling match
⍢ my muse gives yours a hickey
✧ our muses having dinner together
☎ my muse drunk dials your muse
✈ our muses on a flight together
☼ my muse giving yours a massage
♡ my muse flirts with your mue
☣ your muse visiting my muse in prison
♌ your muse visiting mine in prison
X my muse doesn’t remember anything from the night before. They have blood on their hands, and your muse is beaten at their feet.
☁ our muses are trapped in a fire together
〰 our muses are at the beach together
❢ my muse has lost their memory, and at the sight of your muse starts to remember things
✑ my muses daily routine
❂ a new years eve memory from my muse
✬ our muses share a new years eve kiss
✆ your muses name, ringtone, and icon in the muse’s phone
◙ a christmas gift from my muse
♍ a sexual story from my muse
₩ our muses are caught in a thunder storm together
❊ a regret my muse has about your muse
♎ your muse tracing one of my muse’s scars
♏ my muse tracing a scar of your muse’s
♐ my muse hearing your muse scream
♑ our muses go out for coffee together
♒ my muse visit’s your muse’s grave
♓ my muse injures your muse
✄ your muse injures my muse
☩ a dream my muse has about your muse
☨ my muse searching for your muse
☦ my muse trying to cheer up your muse
✞ my muse taking care of a your muse while their sick
✛ my muse trying to calm your muse down
✜ my muse trying to get your muse to recover from amnesia
✝ a confession from my muse to yours
✙ our muses shopping together
✠ our muses watching the stars together
« a past memory with our muses
» a daydream my muse has about yours
✐ a mistletoe kiss
✎ our muses going to a costume ball together
✏ our muses are evil and out reaking havoc together
♔ a kiss on the cheek
♕ a kiss on the palms
♖ a kiss on the back of the hand
♗ a kiss on the nose
♘ a kiss on the eyelids
♙ a kiss on a bruise


               WHO I AM
                        with YOU
                  is who I really
                                  WANT to be

Sad ‘n’ fluffy RP starters!


  • "Have you ever been to a funeral before?"
  • "Do you want to hold my hand?"
  • "You look like you need a hug."
  • "Please hold me."
  • "Don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s all a dream."
  • "Shhh, it’s okay now. You’re safe in my arms."
  • "Hold me until I forget."
  • "I don’t feel good. Stay with me…"
  • "Don’t worry, baby, I got you."
  • "I had that horrible dream again. Can I sleep in your bed?"
  • "You can’t run from your fears when you’re in my arms."
  • "Kisses won’t make it better, but you can try."
  • "I’m going to love you until you love yourself."
  • "You look like you need cheering up."
  • "I need cheering up."
  • "The past is in the past. The future is for us. We can’t help what’s gone."
  • "You woke up screaming. I figured breakfast in bed was in order."
  • "You’re the light of my life. Please don’t go."
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From Drasna to Augustin to Sir Squishington the Goomy, I’ve gone through quite a few muses in this fandom. My first RPing fandom! Along the way, I’ve interacted with and encountered many fabulous people here on tumblr who are super special awesome and whom I am posting here for posterity. (P.S. if you are reading this, you are super special awesome too. Ilu.) I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone OTL I know not everyone here is active, and many of you have other muses, but…still… Here’s to many more fun times and awesome threads!

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My character has extreme hypothermia and needs to stay awake or they’ll fall alseep and may never wake up! Send “Pulse” plus how you would keep my character’s adrenaline up!


thank you to anonymous and kid-on-the-bastion for making this meme possible!

125+ Giveaway


Hi guys! I’ve recently hit 125, and decided, why not do a graphics giveaway? I’ll do a drawing once this post hits 50 notes, or when I get home from school on wednesday(whichever comes first). You can reblog or like this for a total of 2 entries

1st prize:

  • Promo image
  • Wallpaper
  • Sidebar Image(can have a gif or no)

2nd Prize:

  • Promo Image
  • Sidebar Image

3rd Prize:

  • Promo Image or Sidebar Image

Examples of my things under the cut!

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i-shuckle asked: Camerupt or Sharpedo

cursor by paperhearts-plasticstars —>