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In the middle of a conversation, my muse begins to cough up blood. How does your muse respond?
abooirum said:
Oly pokes the booty ' ----Nice. '


❦ ;))))) cough sadgayshipping cough

❦ I sort of secretly ship a thing with your muse(s)


Archie still wants to have some Sadgayshipping in his life~

❊ owo

❋ Your blog is one of my favs

But but! Ah!! Thanks!!!

❊ I want to roleplay with you
# I’m too shy to approach to you


Nooo don’t be shy! I am the awkwardest of the people don’t be affraid to approach me and interact!! I’d love to have more people to rp with!!! I’ve actually been wanting to ask you if you wanted to do somethign with me.

✥ ✢✣ ✡ ❋ ❆ ❇

✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great
✢ I like your characters
✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
✡ I agree on all your headcanons
❋ Your blog is one of my favs
❄ I look up to you
❇ I love the way you write

Awwwww you’re just being too nice!!
Thanks anyway, means a lot!


❋ Your blog is one of my favs
✦ I like seeing you on my dash

Thank you friend!! means a lot!

She jumped up and hugged his neck, hanging off his back. "Frieeeend...."

"Uh… Nope!" He shakes his back a bit, just trying to let her know he wants her down. "I said guardian, not friend, my dear.”

Anonymous said:
Grasps your buttocks and stretches them sooooo far and inserts dynamite. byebye bubblebutt

"Th’ hell!? Ya need Arceus, Anon!"

txifu said:
for the mun ask meme--all the composite numbers! (numbers that can be divided by more than itself and one, like six, which can be divided by two, three, etc.!)

Again, Ericka why


I had to go and google a list of those bloody composite numbers. Math is a huge no no for me. Though you dared me to replay them all and I did. You better read them all!

Long post under the cut yo!

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"TASTE DEFEAT!" the lightbulb on the tank fires a bolt of lightning at archie.

"Revenge! I will seek revenge!" Says the poor pirate on the floor.

  • If you do read threads you aren’t in, do you usually let the other authors know, or keep it under your hat?

Oh! I usually don’t let them know. I find myself quite um, annoying?

  • Do you like to plot or improv?

Both. I usually don’t plot but I find it nessesary when it comes to long-more serious-like threads.

2, 10, 38, 60
  • What drew you to rping this character?

Honestly, this person asked me to play him for shippy reasons. I didn’t even liked Archie at all, so I was like yeah sure why not.
Thing is I ended up enjoying this muse.

  • What’s the hardest thing for you to write?

SMUT also smut, did I say smut already?

  • Has a roleplayer ever changed your view on a character?

Hmmmm…. A couple of them, yes?? But they aren’t active anymore I believe.

  • If so, how? Good or bad? For better or for worse?

Mostly for better! Ended up enjoying some characters I didn’t like before.

  • Who’s a roleplayer (or writer) you think you have learned a lot from?

Of course, the two senpai of the senpais, the masters: nerdlordmaxie and txifu -My baes but shhh don’t let ‘em know, cause that sounds kinda weird-

And writers, a lot of them, can’t make a huge list here.

Rainy Day AUs


  • both stuck under a tiny awning without an umbrella
  • stranger holds their umbrella out the stranger without one in a sudden downpour
  • both in a tiny cafe/bookstore waiting out the storm
  • hikers each take refuge in a cabin in the woods during sudden thunder storm (twist: one is afraid of thunder/lightning)
  • hitchhiker in the rain gets picked up by someone
  • hitchhiker in the rain gets picked up by someone AND THEN their car breaks down on the side of the road
  • campers in a campsite but one only brought a sleeping bag planning to sleep beneath the stars, forgetting to check the weather forecast. the other offers them into their tent for the night. 
  • (tw!) one’s car hydroplanes outside/near the other’s house but the storm is too bad for police or EMS to come out yet until the flood subsides
  • "want to split a cab? come on, this is the only one open and we’re both heading the same way and I promise I’m not an insane stalker who’s planning to follow you home and kill you please let me jump in."

Yes I am finally online. Hello.

You guys actually did the thing and sent me stuff :0 Off to reply asks I go.

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